Sunday’s Specials

Friday !!! I have to admit this weekend I cheated. I had a vacation day on Friday. Just to relax, cook,  play with the furry boys and  go out with my daughter for some much needed mother and daughter fun.

Friday morning I wanted to make a special breakfast, especially because my better half had to go to work, so I decided to wake up early to make some pancakes. Because it felt like weekend already I wanted to come with something new and so I created:Vegan Matcha Peppermint  Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Overloaded.  This is a long title 😉  but I wanted to include all the goodies I used and the pancakes turned out so delicious and passed both tests: daughter and husband. I had the first one. I had to be sure they are OK, of course. And I had the second one as well 😉 just to be sure I wasn’t wrong about how good they were. The rest I saved for my peeps. LOL

I have to admit the pancakes were a huge success so I had to make them again on Sunday morning.

Vegan Matcha Peppermint  Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Overloaded


And because this Sunday it was just me and my daughter, we had a very interesting vegan cream soup and a vegan mashed potato dish for lunch

Sweet potatoes – Acorn squash Vegan Cream Soup.


In addition to the very light vegan soup the Vegan Mashed Potato with Mushrooms.

Mash potatoes with mushroom and ranch dressing.jpg

I had no idea what to do for dessert. All I knew I wanted something with apples.

Something not complicated and fast to  satisfy the three of us. So I picked up the ingredients from the fridge and pantry and I ended up with a wonderful creation:

Apple Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Muffins

Apple Cinnamon Dark Chocolate muffins.jpg

All in all, this weekend was quite fun. I had time to relax, play with Sherlock & Steve and cook. It was as perfect a weekend as one could get. Hope your weekend was just as good!