Sunday’s Specials

Sunday came again and like every Sunday I had to try new things. 

Friday, I found a post that stuck in my mind and I had to try it.  Jessica’s from ” How sweet it is” wrote a wonderful post about a Matcha Hot White Chocolate: here

We enjoyed our Matcha Hot Chocolate along with delicious gluten-free, vegan pancakes. One thing is sure: I will be making this hot chocolate and pancakes again. 



After such a rich breakfast I had enough energy to start planning the lunch and the dessert.

I am not sure what made me decide, but I haven’t cooked something Asian inspired in a while so the winner was: Sweet and sour veggies with rice noodles.

sweet and sour veggies with rice noodles.jpg

And we finished with a very special dessert. Well, of course I made muffins before but never tried the vegan ones and also when you serve them with ” So Delicious ” –  vegan coconut vanilla ice-cream it’s just like a Sunday indulgence. 

For the muffins I found my inspiration here  as for the ice cream … I just got inspired by the freezer form our grocery store.  LOL 




I hope you enjoy it as much a we did 🙂 





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