An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

This is so true and I could not leave without an apple a day 🙂
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It’s apple picking season here in New York state!  Such a lovely time of year when the leaves on the trees are either beginning to change or will shortly change color and the apples are good for picking.


Here in New York I can find quite a good selection of apples and my understanding is that New York state grows more varieties of apples than any other in the USA.  New York state farmers grow apple varieties such as Golden and Red Delicious, Mcintosh (utterly delicious) and Honeycrisp along with Granny Smith (as shown in this photo that I took last week in Whole Foods, Brooklyn).

An apple a day does help with “keeping the doctor away” in that it provides masses of health benefits to the body.  Here are some of them as seen on, a good resource for the uses of food for health purposes as well as general nutrition information.

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