Family road trip,day two: Peggy’s Cove

I read online that there are over 160 historic lighthouses in Nova Scotia. Some of them are world famous! The one we visited, Peggy’s Cove Point Lighthouse, was built in 1915, and became one of Nova Scotia’s most well-known lighthouses and may be the most photographed in Canada.

Even though the inhabitants are still fishing for lobster, tourism took over fishing and became the main attraction of Peggy’s Cove.  The community preserves the same rustic and undeveloped appearance.

Our plan was to take this trip in July, since we were already accustomed to Canadian weather and were well versed in its many mood swings. We arrived at Peggy’s Cove on a very cold, windy and foggy July morning. To make up for the drab start of the morning, we headed over to “The Sou’ Wester” – a breakfast to dinner restaurant and gift shop. When we arrived at the lighthouse, however, there was no other soul in sight. So we took advantage and took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. 😉

And the breakfast…


Next stop: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

To be continued 😉


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