Catching up before the New Year!!!


I cannot believe I am back. Yay !!!

I missed to be here. To share my recipes with all of you out there.

I did not feel like Christmas this year ! I could find excuses but the true is I just didn’t feel that “magic ” in the air !!!  I guess tiredness accumulated.

I finally felt a spike when my mini vacation started with Christmas day. I was finally able to relax and to enjoy the time off  with my hubby, which spoiled me again with Pandora gifts. No, I am not complaining, those are never too many 🙂 Thank you, honey bunny !!!


Enjoying my time with my daughter which won’t be happy I used the picture in my postings. She passing by: ” Hey! I need to know whom are you writing to and send my picture ” . LOL


and my baby Sherlock,  which just turned 6 months old and I am sure he doesn’t mind if I share his picture with you. He was only two months old when he came into our lives. What were we thinking ?!?


But he is now six month old and cuter and sweeter with every passing day 🙂


Thank God with frozen goods and a very good ( made by myself ) salad. 🙂

2015-12-26 13.49.59

2015-12-27 15.19.05

All I wish for 2016 is health and happiness !!! For me and all of you !!!

Also I wish to write more and to share my recipes with you;

I wish to spend more time with my family, my friends and Oh! Let’s not forget our Sherlock too, eh?

All the best,



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